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This discussion convinced me that this is not the place for me.


Well, yeah, Musk is a fucking asshole. I had some doubts about this earlier for some reason, but I guess that’s gone now.

why would you even want large states?

That is true. I wonder what sort of a system would prevent that. It seems like states are always in a constant need to grow, like cancer.

And even those states that do not need to grow are doing everything they can to stop the parts they already have from separating. For some reason even the most peaceful nations seem to think that secession is a good reason to bring the military in and at least make not very subtle threats that it will lead to killing people.

FWIW, there already are people from “the right” here (at least from what I imagine your perspective is), like myself. I don’t have any reason to even contemplate slurring you. OTOH, there seem to be some tankies here, aren’t they a bit of a risk for you?

Right, yeah. I suppose this is starting to become a known problem: free speech forums require a lot of moderation and/or culture building, or they risk becoming just another 4chan.

Libertarians like to say some version of “the cure for bad free speech is more good free speech”. Unfortunately, the internet has made bad speech essentially free of charge and consequence, and combatting it with good free speech in contrast is expensive and exhausting. This is probably one of the more difficult fundamental problems of the 2000s that needs to be fixed if we want humanity to progress.

Now Elon Musk is already talking of letting Donald Trump back on Twitter and calling his permanent ban a mistake. It’s not gonna do a lot of course, Twitter is another dumpster fire with or without Trump, it’s just gonna be a massively larger fire with him.

but communism can exist without coercion and State power.

How could that ever happen, I mean above the size of some small communes?

There is https://wolfballs.com/ as a Lemmy instance that is more right-leaning

Eh. That’s… not a good place. An alt-right trumpster fire.

at least they’re finally dead,

I’m sorry but that’s not how shitcrypto works. Pump & dump cycle is exactly how it’s designed to work.

My crystal ball says that when the price has gone down enough, Elon (et al) will suddenly like them for some new reason and lo! the price goes up.

It’s like a brilliant philosopher once said: "Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can’t explain that. You can’t explain why the tide goes in.”

Monetizing the web in a, let’s say democratic, way would be an amazing thing for small businesses and independent creators.

The advertisement industry is the actual problem, not paying people for their work. They’re difficult to fight, because paying for ads is almost completely invisible and requires no work from the customer. That’s how any good micropayment systems should also be if they want to compete against that monster.

Yeah, that’s important info. This could just be an accounting gimmick to prevent paying taxes.

I try to use Linux as the main gaming OS twice a year. For some context, I’ve been using Linux for general desktop and server use since 1996, so the environment is certainly familiar to me.

This year is the first time I’m not immediately thinking of going back to Windows so I can play my games. Even the rootkit aka EAC works now perfectly with Insurgency: Sandstorm. I think I might actually stay.

Valve did some great polishing work in the last couple of years.

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The most difficult part of getting into FNV in 2022 is the amount of mods you need to install to get going. Fairly capable computer operator person can do it with a decent guide in 2-4 hours I think.

Will be interesting to see what the longer term consequences of such heavy market manipulation will be. Perhaps they can pull it off somehow, possibly by ending the war before shit properly hits the fan, but I don’t think there’s any way to know the end result yet.

Also stop being pro-putin you silly communist geese, that makes absolutely no sense.

Perhaps wikipedia should be fined until they delete it.

I would really have to try hard to find a community that would admire Hitler but apparently admiring Stalin, another mass murder seems to be perfectly fine!

One important difference is that Hitler lost the war, and Stalin won the war. Hence Germany was strongly compelled to remorse both internally and externally, whereas Soviet Union (and now Russia) has been proud about most things it did, and did little or no penitence.

In retrospect and in the slightly longer run, losing to allied countries in WW2 was a superb move. That probably doesn’t apply generally, since countries usually don’t survive a total defeat in a war.