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lol imagine thinking it will all be over before next year

Yes, it should always be.

And even if someone isn’t in poverty, shoplifting is just cool and based.

I hate it when countries invade other countries for absolutely no reason at all, a thing that definitely ever happens.

Looks interesting, but not very good UX wise. As a start it should delegate file picking to the system’s file manager instead of trying to do its own.

You see the .ml in the domain name? It doesn’t stand for Mali. This is a leftist site, Nazis fuck off.

Adding the community name is a big help, and like I said, the post title can be there but not canonical. https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy/post/152773/Lemmy_URLs_should_be_human-meaningful would work just as well as https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy/post/152773.

But purely title based URLs is a really bad idea. Multiple posts can have the same title.

Also I don’t see the reason why /post/ helps with readability more than /p/.

Just nicer tbh.

https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy/post/XYZ123 as the canonical url would be best IMO. Then the title following can be optional. But post instead of p seems like a good idea, not too much longer, but helps readability.

I don’t think we have a fixed goal for moving yet, but it will definitely require some of our biggest changes like featured posts and pronouns*.

* Our plan there is to make a generic, customizable per instance flair system for lemmy that hexbear can then use as a pronoun system.

Originally a fork of lemmy, it currently uses both a rewritten front and back end AFAIK (I haven’t actually contributed to hexbear’s codebase so I’m not 100% sure). We’re looking to go back to being a proper fork/lemmy instance, which is why we’re starting to contribute hexbear features to lemmy.

We don’t federate with lemmy right now because we forked before lemmy had federation, and adding federation to the rewrite would have been too much work. But once we get hexbear stuff into lemmy we’ll switch over and should be able to federate.

And yeah, like the other person said, we were users of /r/ChapoTrapHouse who made the site after the sub got banned. It was originally called chapo.chat before we decided to move away from Chapo.

target="_blank" =P

lol that was actually a bit of an issue when I opened the PR. Apparently it has some accessibility issues so Dessalines is avoiding it. I’ll need to look more into how to use it while maintaining accessibility and work with Dessalines on that.

Clicking on a post and going “back” doesn’t involve any loading

Huh, I’m not sure I even realized that.

Video embeds

Definitely on the list, I’ve done a bit of research into that but it’ll need some back end changes and idk Rust (yet). I’ll need to see when other hexbear devs get up to speed on contributing to lemmy.

Expanders on the left

Do you mean clicking the thumbnail expanding the embed or post body? I already brought that over for image posts. I can get that going to for self posts as well.


Right now hexbear only has pronoun flairs. We’ve actually been wanting to add user defined flairs too. I’ve put a bit of thought into a generic, instance and community customizable flair system, so that’s definitely on the list.

dark mode by default!

There’s actually already an option for instance admins to pick the default theme.

Is there anything specific from hexbear you’d like to see here? I’m mainly just going off of what I notice is different, but I could easily be missing things.

Hi, I’m a dev from hexbear and it looks like my first UI changes (relating to post listings) were included in this release.

Here are the changes I made:

  • Expanded image and body now show below the rest of the listing.
    • And also offset to not be under the votes and thumbnail.
  • Post title doesn’t jump to a new line when you expand the image.
  • Thumbnail doesn’t disappear when you expand the image.
    • Does not apply on mobile since things don’t jump around as much.
  • Clicking expanded image opens the original in a new tab.
    • Does not apply on mobile since you can just long press.
    • Instead tapping the image closes it.
  • pictrs images now prefer the original format over jpg.
  • Rendering split into many functions to improve readability.
  • Post actions are now on the same line as the comments button.
  • Post actions now show on mobile.
  • Comments button made larger.
  • Expanding or contracting an image now expands or contracts the body.

I’d love to hear any feedback or ideas anyone here may have.

I’m working on redoing posts a bit, but some things I’m changing seem like they were design choices to do the opposite of what I’m doing.