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I always thought that people that used short video sharing apps went Vine->Dubsmash->Tiktok. Instagram, ofc, being a given, since Facebook is backing it.

I’d want it to be Exit Out by The Black Heart Procession. It’s currently The Rat by The Walkmen.

Yes, but that was purely the investors’ and speculators’ fault. They invested heavily in online companies and, as it usually happens in capitalism, when certain economic factors changed (rumors about failed mergers, Japan’s recession etc), their stocks were devaluated and the companies defaulted.

The userbase wasn’t really affected, though.

Water level in toilets in the USA is so high that some people’s balls can touch its surface.

I don’t think it’s a matter of copyright, it’s slander. It’s demeaning for women to have their faces shown in porn videos they had nothing to do with.