• Sample rate switching should work again.
  • pw-dot can now use the output of pw-dump to render a graph.
  • Bluetooth A2DP streaming was improved that would reduce stuttering on some devices.
  • A JACK bug was fixed that would sometimes make it impossible to add more tracks in Ardour. (#1714)
  • Many bugfixes and improvements.


  • Fix a potential crash when NULL params were configured.
  • Add some simple functional tests to avoid some recent regressions. Improve the test framework for this as well.
  • Improvements to the poll loop to avoid some use-after-free scenarios.
  • Fix samplerate switching again.
  • setlocale is not called anymore from the pipewire library. This should be called by the application. (#2223)
  • pw_init() and pw_deinit() can now be nested and called multiple times.
  • pw_stream will now report the resampler delay in the pw_time.queued field.


  • module-filter-chain now supports arbitrary many properties and will use property hints to assign them the right type.
  • The ROC modules now accept a sink/source_properties parameter.
  • The module-rt can now also be built without RT-Kit support.
  • module-echo-cancel can now use a fraction to specify the delay for more precise control.


  • The channelmixer will now do upmixing by default and will not use normalization. It will also use a simple upmixing algorithm that duplicates channels by default. A more interesting upmix method is also available (PSD) but needs to be enabled manually. (#861)
  • Add SSE optimized (de)interleave functions for 32 bits samples with and without byteswap.
  • JSON parsing of empty strings will now give an invalid number instead of 0.
  • JSON numbers are now parsed and serialized in a locale independent way so that , and . are not mixed up.
  • The resampler will now report the resample delay and queued samples as the extra delay.


  • pw-cat will read more dsf files correctly and will not crash at the end.
  • pw-top now has a man page.
  • pw-dot can now use the output of pw-dump to render a graph.


  • Improve interactions with oFono.
  • Fix recovery with slow connections.
  • Improve frame size of AptX-ll.
  • A2DP can now use any quantum and will flush packets in smaller chunks when needed to adapt. This improves stuttering in some cases.


  • The server configuration can now be placed in pulse.properties section, which also makes it possible to have custom overrides.
  • Implement FIX_ flags for capture as well.
  • Small fixes and improvements in module loading.


  • Clear the last error before executing a new action or else we could end up with error from a previous action. This causes some problems in Ardour where adding a track would fail after some time. (#1714)
  • @kevincox@lemmy.ml
    52 years ago

    PipeWire is really killing it. It is already fantastic and it keeps getting better.

    One tool that I would really like to see though is something to record all audio streams on the system. This would probably be a third-party tool but I often want to record a video conference or something. It is easy to record my mic, and fairly easy to record the conference application (depending on how many streams they use for external participants). However doing both and syncing them is quite difficult. I would love something that can dump every stream as a separate synced track in a file then I can sort everything out in post.

  • @sgtnasty@lemmy.ml
    22 years ago

    I use PipeWire and EasyEffects on Fedora 35, and there are lots of sound glitches that I never would hear back in the Pulse Audio days. I hope they can fix this and the delays I get.

  • @joojmachine@lemmy.ml
    22 years ago

    TIL pipewire added a working version of module-echo-cancel.

    Been waiting for that for such a long time, how long has it been that they added it?