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“Not positive” in this context means “unsure” (i.e., the above commenter is unsure about whether or not OBS works in Wayland, but they rely on some other software which they know is incompatible with Wayland)

Yeah, like, what’s the purpose of your current adventure?

…I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Such a good idea. Didn’t even know I was looking for this. I’m going to try it in my next project.

In my experience, I have only ever worked against my ADHD for the sake of relationships that I consider more important than my comfort/sanity. And I’d do it the same way, if I had to do it again. But it’s not easy, and it’s not ideal.

That’s great news. I’m glad I could help. I find that when you roll with your ADHD instead of against it, for certain problems like this, you can often find some peace and flow. Let yourself wander, and don’t feel like your personal projects are obligations in some way; they’re yours, so they can just be yours… unfinished or finished, good or bad.

I want to do a programming project with Lisp; but I can’t start a project; there’s so many ideas to choose.

I’ve dealt with this. The trick is to do one that you don’t care too much about. You think of a crappy idea, and you start it. After a couple weeks of working on it in your free time, you might get bored and start some other idea and decide to come back to it later. It’s okay—start the new thing. You may not ever come back to it (I almost never do) but it will break your block. Eventually you’ll have a halfway decent idea that you’ll keep working on for a longer period of time, and you’ll be satisfied.