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Typically over the years it’s Android apps I regularly use that are written well that are a benefit to my day to day life. I’ll typically throw a little money at least once a year. I’ve thrown AntennaPod money a couple times in a year because I live on that thing, that app is completely indistinguishable from any mainstream app, looks great, it’s feature rich and I feel is better than half the proprietary apps out there.

Google has always maintained what they do, and we know their an advertising company. They’ve always told everybody what they’re doing (in million word TOSs that’s only a lawyer can read) but they told you. Terrible for privacy… But they told you.

Apple started scanning photos and messages and used the excuse that the whole planet must be pedophiles. That has a way of pissing people off way more! Gote me off iPhone and back on a DeGoogled Android!

Track what you eat and drop the carbs down. BMI is completely useless, my bodyfat is around 10% and my BMI says I’m Obese.

I’d get over the gym shyness, gyms are great, everybody regardless of level they’re at is all working to better themselves, with many different goals. Don’t get brainwashed by Planet Fitness commercials. If your dumbbells are a full set, you can do a lot, but motivation is very difficult to have and sustain long term working out at home. Gaining muscle should also be a goal, muscle drives your metabolic rate, the less muscle mass the lower your TDEE, meaning easier to gain weight as well as just not being as metabolically healthy. Having a good amount of muscle and bulking are worlds apart.

Grab the Cronometer app or use the website and tracking is about as easy as it gets, doing it blind is impossible. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Good Luck!