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It’s been about a year since I’ve used Box64 but from what I remember, simple games/programs work the best. Bigger and more graphical programs seemed to really struggle.

I would love a guide on how to get lemmt set up on a pi! I might do a self hosting solution in addition to the main account.

You can use RDS and not host it within the same server.

I used to host a mastodon instance for just one user, me. It really struggled unfortunately in both speed and space requirements.

I wish they had an option to block all bots from the platform. I can block individuals and instances, but bots would still pop up like crazy.

Awesome job, thanks for all the hard work!!

Rtv is fun if your still using reddit. Tmux and htop are nice to haves too.

1643 the ram rebellion. It’s a fun book a little different from the 1632 series. I’m enjoying it so far.

Welcome and glad you are here!

Yeah no idea why they chose google analytics and not an open source alternative. Other than money.

I like the idea but it seems way above my discretionary income levels.

Ubuntu for laptop, Manjaro for desktop.

I like Ubuntu’s driver support and I can go anywhere (pre-COVID) without worrying as much if a usb device is going to work.

Manjaro is awesome for steam, itch.io, GOG, etc… Most of our games work in Linux now and its been a seamless experience.