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The best would be to just torrent music on-demand, then use any music player app you like.

If you want a large library, you could run a music server like navidrome, then get the app DSub to connect to it.

Okay this one is strange to me but I have to try it.

Name the weirdest thing you put hot sauce on…I’ll go first: Popcorn

Me who eats hot sauce every day of my life


I’m also gonna start telling ppl I’m not eating hot sauce, I’m micro-dosing capsaicin.

Not sure how xmpp works with message requests, but many IM systems like matrix, you have to Accept the message from the other person, IE the waiting room approach. Email (like real mail) doesn’t have that concept.

No, free thinking is only when you say things like minorities and women shouldn’t have rights, or that sexualizing minors in anime is okay because its art. /s

Whoa nice, I’ll check it out.

Place reviews, ala Foursquare / yelp . It could be built on openstreetmap.

I’ve never heard of any of that before, its an apk, you just need to allow permissions and install it.

This is a really smart way of thinking about it:

Why did that happen? The work of the 18th-century French philosopher Denis Diderot suggests an answer. He wrote that performers should “imagine a huge wall across the front of the stage, separating you from the audience, and behave exactly as if the curtain had never risen.” He called this the fourth wall. It prevents actors from being distracted by the audience and allows them to divorce themselves from what they cannot control (the audience) and focus only on what they can (the scene), much as a basketball player shoots the ball without really seeing the cheering (or booing) fans behind the hoop. It creates the intimacy of what some call public solitude. The larger the audience, the more important the fourth wall.

People in open offices create a fourth wall, and their colleagues come to respect it. If someone is working intently, people don’t interrupt her. If someone starts a conversation and a colleague shoots him a look of annoyance, he won’t do it again. Especially in open spaces, fourth-wall norms spread quickly.

Whoever did this should be in jail.

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Who wore it better

No problem comrade, it takes some time to learn about these topics. Some links on these: