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Just looks like an alternative to google and apple maps made by a few US corporations who haven’t gotten into the map game yet. Pointless considering openstreetmap already exists.

Whoa they still haven’t added encryption? That was a big ask like 2 years ago.

My partner and I use hedgedoc, a collorative markdown editor, to keep a shared grocery list.

Reddit’s not shy about doxxing pirates, so this unfortunately will probably happen.

That’s the line the US is selling, that China and Chinese companies like Huawei are “spying on the world”. As usual it’s the US projecting their own strategies and nefarious behavior on their enemies.

The US’s prism program, the crypto AG revelations, hell the US spying on Angela Merkle’s phone all got revealed more than a decade ago. The US in its imperial arrogance, doesn’t hesitate even to spy on its allies.

Do you have any proof China is doing the same?

Good, why would you want US tech giants operating in your country, hoovering up data on all your citizens? Which they got caught doing by the way:

Probably some truth to it, at least on some platforms… especially ones obsessed with selling high user counts and “engagement” numbers to advertisers.

iirc a significant chunk of twitter accounts are bots, like over 20%. Probably similar amounts for youtube, reddit, and facebook.

I hate discord, but the fact that discord servers can do their own vetting and application process, and weed out the chatbots and AI noise, has probably contributed to many of them having a closer feeling of “community” than a lot of other platforms.

I def don’t think its a hidden conspiracy though. There are a ton of companies working in the AI space, trying things out, and the big tech firms don’t care about having actual people on them, they care about what they can sell to advertisers.

Little guy is ripped

Same, same. At least we can block the freeze-peaches instances when they pop up.

Great article. Brought this to mind:

Thx for reminding me, we got these added now.

The best way is to torrent, and not use these privatized services that give you the priviledge of borrowing movies they’ve captured for a fee, and still make you watch ads.

Torrenting is sharing data with others for the good of all; using these centralized services is only benefitting the distribution companies.

Bolsonaro admitted to being a pedophile, but that doesn’t stop his supporters from screaming “censorships!!!” when they lose elections.

I wonder why they’re doing this, considering that the fediverse has the ability to break medium’s stranglehold on long-form blogging too. Writefreely and plume already do what medium does, but better, and already plugged into the fediverse.

Cool vid. Hexagons are neat, but I feel like humans vibe more with squares and blocks and rectangles better. Almost everything we construct (beds, tables, buildings, plates) is rectangular-shaped. Might be more efficient to build structures and houses in honeycombs tho.

It’s happening!! In a few years we’ll see some risc android phones.

Same, don’t read it, but it gives people on opportunity to flex their creative muscles, using characters they already like.

Cool! Surprised they approved it this time.

edit: might want to also update this disambiguation page: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmy_(disambiguation)

Their brains cannot compute people making things without a profit motive involved.

Peertube, torrents.

Youtube front end: Newpipe + sponsorblock.


Aviation produces just under one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually, accounting for 2.5% of global CO2 pollution.

But while aviation remains a great contributor to the climate crisis, a small number of people are responsible for a large bulk of the impact. In the U.K., surveys in 2013 and 2014 found that just 15% of adults were responsible for 70% of the flights. And according to the clean transport campaign group Transport & Environment, 10% of all flights that departed France in 2019 were private aircrafts.

The average person produces about 7 metric ton of CO2 annually. Meanwhile, celebrities have emitted an average of more than 3,300 metric tons from their private jets alone so far this year, according to Yard.

For comparison, one of Mayweather’s 10-minute flights produced one ton of CO2, whereas the EPA reports that the typical car will emit 4.6 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Really damn cool. Unfortunate that the more privacy-concious of the neoliberal countries haven’t thought to do anything similar. They do be hating anything that could be considered “regulation of free markets and freeze peaches” tho.

Haven’t heard of that, but it looks like its crypto-spam with a shiny website.

Radicle looks interesting… a p2p network for publishing and sharing git repos. But it doesn’t look like it has issue tracking, or pull requests, which are the main things a federated system needs to beat github dominance.

Federated code collaboration / issue tracking. IE a federated gitea.

Federated marketplace, ie a federated amazon or etsy.

Federated store / product / service reviews.

This is incredibly cool.

My partner is an anti-natalist, I’m a vegan, and its really unfortunate that both those communities have some members with eco-reactionary tendencies, because they don’t have an education in Marxism.

Its entirely possible for humanity to survive without harming the environment. The solution isn’t mass extermination of humanity, its just changing harmful production techniques. I swear some of these ppl look at their grandmothers and toddlers thinking: “you should die off, but not me.”

The best would be to just torrent music on-demand, then use any music player app you like.

If you want a large library, you could run a music server like navidrome, then get the app DSub to connect to it.

Okay this one is strange to me but I have to try it.

Name the weirdest thing you put hot sauce on…I’ll go first: Popcorn

Me who eats hot sauce every day of my life


I’m also gonna start telling ppl I’m not eating hot sauce, I’m micro-dosing capsaicin.

Not sure how xmpp works with message requests, but many IM systems like matrix, you have to Accept the message from the other person, IE the waiting room approach. Email (like real mail) doesn’t have that concept.