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I knew this wasn’t far off. As a reminder, the authors are allowed to give you the paper if you ask them for it. Don’t need to pay.

You can get X to do Y for Z. Statement works for literally every thing in life.

Infinity, Apollo, etc. They’re all wildly superior to the actual Reddit app too and usually include an ad blocker.

I’m not sure of the difference between direct messaging (current implementation) and chat. They’re basically the same. I know someone will tell me different, but it’s just how I feel.

Nah, I was right there with you. It’s so much better to get recommendations from a hobby/enthusiast subreddit than click bait articles.

I’m on Librewolf right now, it’s just FF with some settings changed under the hood. It’s okay, nothing you can’t do one a regular FF release.

I ususally add “reddit” to my search terms when I’m looking for recommendations. At least I know I’m getting crowd sourced opinions and not a stupid ranked list where every company paid for their product to be on it…

This comment sums up my feelings really well. In general, ad blocking in no way constitutes piracy because most piracy laws focus on the redistribution of pirated content and not the consumption. It’s why piracy cases are so difficult to persecute.

…he also has a right to use a cheese grater on his dick.

Infallible logic right there lmao

Something I hate about this larger discussion about LTT and piracy is that ad blocking in no way fits the definition of piracy. The Cambridge Dictionary (just an example, you pick whatever dictionary or legal definition you like) define piracy as “the act of illegally copying a computer program, music, a film, etc. and selling it”. The selling it aspect is why piracy laws are essentially unenforceable. I don’t, in any way, see how ad blocking is piracy.