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you control where the passwords are stored

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according to the article provided in that post they’re just foreign branches of china’s police force dedicated to cracking down on political dissidents and scamming

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where did you see/hear about this?

no but of course there are times when you think maybe there’s a better way to govern ourselves but even if there was such a way humans will always hope for something more

the ui/ux needs work, most people don’t care about privacy, it’s mostly used by tech people and link aggregators in general tend to have very niche userbases

no putting aside the language barrier there’s also themes that are created for a specific audience

i think it’s due to the fact that reddit is more for niche hobbies. Twitch isn’t that popular outside of the gaming sphere and even with the recent wave of lax moderation with girls wearing skimpy outfits doing softcore porn it’s still doesn’t have a broad appeal so it’s definitely more than you can’t make money off it that turns off people. For an app to make money it has to something that attract users in the first place and neither reddit nor fedi are doing that. The reason for the fediverse not being popular imo is due to the fact that most people don’t care about privacy, the ui and ux could use a lot of work ( I know most normie stuff isn’t doing too hot in that department either but libre software just has this look where you know it was made by technical people and not designers), people you know aren’t on it and also probably wont join just because you asked and the existing userbase is mostly technical people.

no they shouldn’t for your pension you want a reliable stream of income

what are you going to use it for?

If a country cab just declare itself socialist and not commit itself to any firm principles underlying it’s economic system but just adopt whatever it’s non ideological neighbors are doing then clearly it’s a fraud

For the last time since you’re so thick headed I do not care whether or not someone of their own free will chooses to buy/not buy something but I am opposed to the labelling of any item as a scam/predatory that a person buys voluntarily it is not my/anyone’s duty to label the purchase of something that we don’t like as a scam and I was simply using banks as an example to point out the absurdity of this idea that something should be labelled a scam simply due to my personal dislike of such a thing

Are you ok in the head? You do realise that Singapore is literally the poster boy for capitalism with the lowest levels of government interference in the economy, extremely low taxes and little to no barriers to trade

yeah so the people in africa and el salvador using crypto that are preserving their purchasing power are being scammed I never said that crypto was this perfect thing that’d fix everything and I have constantly presented it as only a stopgap solution to help in the meanwhile. I’m going to give a real scenario in my country the banking system is controlled by a cartel that funds the two major political parties in power these banks knowing of their situation have denied accounts to any alternative political parties and it’s not farfetched they could make up something to pin on these parties so that banks in other countries would cooperate with them and block them from making accounts in those countries as well what other than crypto would provide a neutral payment platform to ensure that we can fund our only hope of having a functional country whether through the ballot box/violent revolution you need money to be able to form the government and if you don’t have that then sorry you’re shit out of luck. We’ve been granted bailout from the imf time and time again for the politicians to loot our treasury and raise taxes in order to keep our country on life i’ll say it again debt relief is relief we also have plenty of people whether local or foreign who performs acts of kindness everyday of course it help it somewhat but as long as we have the same political parties in power we’ll forever be receivers and not givers and as long as they still breath the oligarchs will use any means to crush any chance of us gaining political and economic power including through weaponizing the centralized banking system even if all turns out happily ever after the possibility of the centralized banking system being weaponized will always be possible and crypto is the only payment system that is uncensorable

Ah, so you’re saying that Western political systems and financial sector regulations mostly work, then?

they work fine enough for people to not starve to death and die of preventable diseases but they could be sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better whether or not people want that it’s up to them.

This is how

I call my country a hellhole all the time I don’t care about the opinions of trump and other people just that we make them stop being hellholes.

Yeah, pretty sure that person does not, in fact, live on $5.50 per day. Which is exactly my point: cryptocurrencies do not lift poor people out of their circumstances, cryptocurrencies cushion the already well-off and give the very rich them one more tool to use to extract wealth from others.

Living in a country with 50% inflation is being well off now? also what barriers would possibly stop someone who does live on that amount from the ability to preserve their wealth did you not see my other links about people in Africa and el salvador doing exactly just that

he gives ludwig von mises as an example of a mainstream economist so yeah it’s clear he doesn’t

if you’re an economist I don’t think it’s that farfetched that you should know the beliefs of the most dominant school of economic thought especially considering your whole thing is criticizing them and any introductory material in the field would introduce you to their beliefs.