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I can’t find it on F-Droid, maybe they’ll eventually upload it there?

Edit: I’ll just use the Play Store version till then.

Edit 2: nvm I found it, thanks!

I use Warpinator for file sharing, will take a look at Gsconnect!

No, they aren’t ads. They’re more like recommended stories. But still personalized.

No, I’d say it’s just I didn’t know about the Friday release… Although I’ll watch out in case I’m just becoming paranoid. Thanks!

I get Google recommends for Stranger Things after reading a post on it with Jerboa
How??? I haven't typed a word about it in my keyboard. Haven't watched the series either. How did they associate me with it at all?

@dessalines you’ve been hacked right?

I believe the article only refers to neutral networks. I’m trying to build what you’re referring to in your ideas, though ;)

No it doesn’t as a whole, but I understand the concern. Users have differing views on the matter, which is okay as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Public restrooms and safe injection rooms are a good start; here it seems to work. Also, do people who are homeless by choice have the same behaviors or needs as the other two groups, statistically? That would be interesting to research…

Still could convert to m²/s²K…

Linux is a very heterogeneous platform. I’d say trying to make malware compatible across distros could be quite a challenge, and not very profitable.

Nothin’ suits me like a suit ;)

I’m pretty positive that would also apply in Britain.

I’ve heard other decentralization technologies like IPFS also count as Web3. Or Git, I’ve even heard. So the Fedi might as well be considered Web3 ;)

Well, I like being able to select “All” and “New” at the same time and still get some high quality content without being overwhelmed by reposts.

It’s pretty nice that you distrust big pharma, but imo you should discuss your concerns with your doctor

[The webpage](https://the-federation.info/) monitors Fediverse growth and activity.