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You can collect a lot of information by crawling the activitypub endpoints. Its all nicely formatted as json, so you can parse it easily. However, the lack of advertising or other commercial aspects means that companies wont waste any thought on it. And for governments its likely still too small to care.

You are painting Russia as the “bad guy” when its not even mentioned in the image, just vaguely connected through your questionable interpretation of it. What is that if not russophobia? But it makes sense, as you are also defending the same capitalist media which promotes russophobia day in and day out.

You are interpreting a lot into this meme, no clue where you take all that from. The unrelated russophobia isnt helping either.

By framing you mean the title? Because otherwise there is no frame or context at all. So it seems to be more about your interpretation. You are right that those events happened before/after the actual war, but they are still closely related to it.

And yes it is a criticism of western media, nothing wrong with that. It certainly doesnt require any statements about communism or nazism. I also dont see any slogans here, so that statement looks like pure Russophobia (which the same western media is also promoting).

Propaganda in the original sense of the words is basically everything that promotes specific political views. So this meme can definitely be considered propaganda, just like all other political memes. What I dont understand is why you consider it right-wing. Just because you disagree?

Which part of this image is right-wing propaganda in your opinion? All the statements on the top are true as far as I know. And it is also true that the western media ignores these facts, and focuses on the war with Nazi Germany. And usually even ignoring the eastern front, or the Japanese atrocities.

Digitalocean is based in the United States, so if you host your instance there, you will have to follow the laws of that country to some degree (at least if the instance gets big enough for someone to notice). It will probably be similar if your instance is hosted in another country, and I dont think there is any country that is clearly neutral.

So my suggestion is to think about which countries your instance would mainly criticize, and then host in a “hostile” country. For example, if you want to criticize the United States, host in Russia or China as their governments wont care about that. Or vice versa.

I will start with the big one which is 9/11. Obviously there is a lot of speculation about who did it and why, but I will just mention one basic fact.

To start with, the first plane crashed into the world trade center at 8:46 am. The fourth plane crashed near the capital city at 10:03 am, over an hour later. One such attack should be enough to put all air defenses at maximum alert, and scramble interceptors. These systems are designed to intercept stealth aircraft and ballistic missiles, so they wont have any problem to track and destroy civilian airliners. Instead it seems that the military was completely asleep. There is simply no explanation for that, except so-called “conspiracy theories”.

The UN hasnt declared that a genocide is happening in Xinjiang. By your logic, that makes them equal to Holocaust deniers.

Then the United Nations are holocaust deniers. Fact is that no international court or UN organ has even investigated the alleged “genocide”. Innocent until proven guilty.

The EU is an imperialist project which exists mainly to benefit capitalists. This is easy to see when you look at its origins, which are the European Coal and Steel Community, European Economic Community and Euratom. All of those are related to large corporations, and energy policy.

Then there is the fact that the EU was strongly shaped by the United States, “liberating” its markets and privatising many state services, all to increase profits for companies. And of course the EU is very closely linked with NATO.

Today with the Euro its even worse, especially Germany benefits a lot because of its exports, while poorer countries are unable to devalue their currencies, which would allow them to overcome crisis. And you have wages lowered in richer countries by workers coming from Eastern Europe, who are working under miserable conditions.