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But it wouldn’t just work for windows. Take for example someone that only ever used macOS. I knew somebody like that and they couldn’t even navigate in windows’ file explorer… damn windows! It should work just like windows!

Yes I was thinking about that dht use and I came across bitTorrent’s implementation of kademlia dht for trackerless torrents. You should look it up! More peers that are logically near the recipient keep the information so it is resistant to actors coming on and going off the dht.

Hi, I was thinking about a similar solution and I thought it could be implemented with a kademila DHT so offline-receiving is implemented since I think this is a dealbreaker for many of the FOS private chats I tried. It still shouldn’t need a central server but I was wondering how can a user restore login credentials after losing them. Maybe with 12-word secret?

I wonder how an internet run by adobe, microsoft and apple would be. I think what’s written IS wrong because startups continue to appear and without free software they probably would go nowhere. Think about someone trying to build something great but has to pay all upfront cost for a project which is likely going to fail. The article doesn’t take into account research that without this way of thinking would have happened a lot slower. Not to mention the standardization that is a natural consequence of free software.

I think what it’s written is like saying we shouldn’t research vulnerabilities in software because then someone could use that knowledge for nefarious intentions.

I do not fill the requirements nor am I interested in applying but I always wondered what is the effort of moderating a counity. What does a moderator have to do?