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The EU does have a bit of a track record with breaking the internet. GDPR is the only one that comes to mind, but it was a big one.

Bare / bear with me now. I’ve seen the future:

YouTube menthol smoker reacts to root beer-flavoured vape vaper reacts to cigar smoker reacting to root beer-flavoured vape juice flavoured root beer.

Great article. Even if some of this is only temporary, it’s good to know how to fight back a little bit.

Every word in that headline is cooler than the last. The modern world, eh.

It’s the same in law and the social sciences that I’m familiar with. It’s not improved. I would avoid Wikipedia if possible and recommend that any students avoid it, too.

If the only problem was that it was too, say, general, as in, misses out some details or nuances, that would be forgivable. More often than not, if you know the area well, you’ll see that Wikipedia is simply wrong.

Any undergrad paper that cites Wikipedia will be lucky to pass. Not because Wikipedia is cited per se, but because it’s usually incorrect. A paper that cites a Wikipedia article as a reliable source usually also contains other significant errors or omissions. If a paper relies on Wikipedia it is probably not relying on other, more appropriate sources, and if it did rely on those other sources, the author would have known not to cite Wikipedia.

The dinosaurs in the fossil fuels used to power crypto-mining are haunting the miners on the planet’s behalf.