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Awesome! thanks, was wondering why some pics were missing.

Cant see it is on malware god youtube, why not peertube o odysee? I did not leave reddit to then start using evil youtube.

This is bullshit, and how do anyone knows? is closed source… nobody can know, you have to trust their word… so… we all know how that works. lol

aerc with out a doub aerc-email

VPS has its use but def is not the holy grail people need to separate marketing/disinformation so vpn can be used to bypass country rules and such, but not as to have a good opsec by using vpn alone for example.

you can get a second hand pixel (and wait) before you boot download and install the https://calyxos.org/ ROM is amazing.

Can we link to the origen of the news like GE-Proton github and not to reddit? if we want to share this link, then people complaints because is a twist of links to get to the actual main article, and of course I rather forward a lemmy link than a reddit one :) just a suggestion.

Matrix is more like a mix between IRC and messaging apps(child of SMS style) I think is actually a lot more IRC alike than single SMS

good job!!! how do we link to this particular instance groups?

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I been helping for some time, our anarchist hacker video show is there now enterily since it started, and I can say they say plural because is NOT just mastodon but also peertube and other decentralized services… this is why I think they speak with that tittle.

it is slow if you “have to” install the java JDK etc on a “clean” system just to run a java app. and we can argue about java vs go another time.

biggest problem with yacy is that is slow java, they should had done this on C or GO/RUST now a days

was going to fork and do a spanish translation and add some libre apps I use for terminal but is on github… one will think at least they will use gitlab or gitea etc. :(