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Very awesome, how is using Linux Mint on industrial hardware?

the last line is best: “my own tree”?

Just started, on the second week of annual leave and relaxin

My status says I will be able to order in Q3 2022. I sure hope that this does push for more linux binary releases. Look at Paradox, they do it for all 3 platforms and dont use Unity.

Most of the applications I use are flatpaks and they launch just as fast and I have no issues with theses. The ONLY “issue” I ran into was a sandbox problem with not being able to launch an editor. Cant remember the which app it was, but I’m sure I can fix it with flatseal.

In my humble opinion, if there ever is going to be a “year of the linux desktop” its going to be Fedora who gets there first. Canonical gave up a few years ago and is more interested in server.

I left Ubuntu in v18 could not tolerate snaps. Whereas flatpaks just work for me, and the apps are kept up to date. With some quick tweaks you too can make dnf run much faster.

I use PipeWire and EasyEffects on Fedora 35, and there are lots of sound glitches that I never would hear back in the Pulse Audio days. I hope they can fix this and the delays I get.

Im waiting for an AMD Ryzen Cezanne 5000 series (mobile). The integrated GPU on these is not bad at all. Im dont with NVIDA and Intel.

I feel like its WAY to invasive in my privacy. I have to use it for so many things, but I try to get folks to use Telegram instead. Telegram is much nicer UI. Discord is over bloated with crap and keeps asking me to spend money.

Librem One by Purism - Any current reviews of this for privacy?
Has anyone reviewed this suite of services? Where do they host their email servers?

im here cause I hate reddit, and all i see are posts about reddit -> why?

[Question] How does get more artists? needs more music/artists to get anywhere.