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I get that moderation decisions in the GOS Matrix Space can be heavy-handed, and the accusations of raiding/sock puppets are thrown around too liberally, but you’re doing the exact same thing.

zero citations about my comments or posts

There are literally two screenshots of your comments in the original post on /r/PrivacyGuides.

regarding AOSP’s VPN killswitch feature

Apparently you’re just sticking your head in the sand and refusing to admit you’re wrong.

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I’ve been donating $5/month to tulir (https://github.com/tulir), who makes the mautrix Matrix bridges as well as maubot.

I think it all depends on your provider. Gmail/Microsoft/Yahoo aren’t going to respect your privacy. “Normies” aren’t about to rent a VPS or colo a server, spin up a *nix/BSD host, get dovecot/Mailcow running, and deal with DNS records and spam.