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US companies not obeying laws in other countries, even when operating there, is by now just a sad cliche.

Public speech has no expectation of privacy. Nobody would find anything wrong with recording a public announcement. If you want to have a private conversation, it’s up to you to hold that conversation privately.

Please let me know where you live and which cafe you frequent. I’ll just stand there while you have a quiet conversation with your SO, my phone recording everything you say. You won’t object, naturally, because it’s a public space and if you didn’t want your romantic conversation broadcast live on Twitch you’d have had it elsewhere, right?

Scraping public text, which is something that’s been widely accepted on the web for two decades …

Saying that “she asked for it; she was dressed like a slut” was widely accepted in the world at large for THOUSANDS of years (and still is in some places!). Until it suddenly wasn’t. In some parts of the world.

Hell, pounding the shit out of someone for being “rude” was (and is) widely accepted for thousands of years. Not all that long ago, in human historical terms, killing someone for talking back to you was not only acceptable, it was required to preserve your “honour” (or whatever other term was used in that space).

Maybe—and just hear me out here—maybe things that are “widely accepted” have turned out to be shitty things, not things to be emulated and amplified.

(Please wait until I’m in your cafe and recording before you respond, though. I want to make sure that thousands of people are listening in.)

If the author is telling the full story…

Key word is the first word there. Everybody who has ever been banned from a site or server in all of the Internet’s history was innocent when they tell the tale.

We will see. When “Quote Toots” come to Mastodon, let’s watch and see if Mastodon turns into a toxic dogpile site. My prediction is that it will (though it will be more left-flavoured than right-flavoured like the Birdsite). Yours is that it won’t.

We’ll let history decide which of us was right. (And if I was right, I’ll drop Mastodon and the Fediverse like I dropped the Hellsite and the Birdsite.)

If they come to Mastodon with the Twitter approach (can’t turn them off, get shoved into my notices) then I drop Mastodon. It’s that simple. Like I dropped Facebook and Twitter before (for much the same reason).

I’ve seen way too many QT dog-pile calls to tolerate them for even an instant in my Fediverse experience. If they come to the Fediverse, I drop the Fediverse. End of story.

No. It really isn’t. This desire to use the language of sociopaths is itself dangerous. Call it what it is: new. And interesting.

Sociopaths disrupting sociopaths? Where I come from that’s called two things:

  1. Poetic justice.
  2. A shit-show best kept faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away from.

How’s about this as a notion, though: stop worshipping techbrodudes and other sociopaths and instead start getting the kindling built up under the stakes for them?

And can only really be used by other users of the seriously fringe set, yes.

And they don’t interfere with my experience, unlike the Twitter retweets.

I’m fine with the fringe of the already fringe (Fediverse) have access to circle jerking tools that don’t pollute my space. Twitter’s circle jerking tools spewed all over me. Fuck 'em.

Do QTs increase Twitter pile-ons or swarms?

None of the studies could answer this question or estimate how often this happens.

So the actual issue at hand is the one they couldn’t answer.

I’ll stick with ‘no quote toots, please’.

It depends.

If it’s being used by the techbrodude community, let’s just call it what it is: sociopathic.

If it’s being used by actual human beings, perhaps “new and interesting”.

I’m honestly kind of tired of that word “disruptive” being used as if it’s a good thing. “Disruption” as an end gave us the utter dirtbags of Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Amazon, and a whole host of other scummy tech outfits. It’s time to retire that term into the pile of “words used only by assholes”.

It’s never a good thing when “Web 3” is spoken anywhere near anything you value.

I love reading reports like this and counting the egregious errors of fact. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings about the value of the press in society.

Apparently “ethics” is now “staying in a cesspool because other people prefer it”.

Fuck that noise. If that’s the new definition of “ethics” I’ll be the most unethical motherfucker alive.

It’s also illegal to fire actual staffers in huge numbers that way. But the Musk Ox thinks he’s above petty things like “laws” and “decency” and “humanity” and “not sucking as a person”.

Well, I gave Quanta a go and upon following the user guide to just add a Mastodon account (mine) to follow, having it fail each and every time, I’ve decided that it’s simply not ready for actual users yet.

Problems I noted:

  1. My friends list (which should have been empty) was filled with garbage content from a bunch of places.
  2. My friends feed (which is different from the “Friends” list—information design is a vital skill programmers suck at!) which should also have been empty was filled with a bunch of crap from all over the Fediverse, about half of it being #MAGA-waving twits.
  3. My federated feed was also filled with a bunch of (half-#MAGA thug) content from all over the Fediverse, but at least it was a different bunch from my should-have-been-empty “Friends” feed.
  4. I was unable to follow anybody. I tested with my own Mastodon account a few times, and then random other people from the federated feed. The former went through all the motions of following right down to saying I was following … but then lost its mind when I actually went to check my friends list, insisting that I wasn’t friends. WIth the latter it was even worse: I kept getting bizarre error messages about this not being my instance.
  5. I was unable to block anybody, which is a problem considering the sheer quantity of #MAGA bullshit on the feeds. Again I got bizarre error messages about this not being my instance.

Quanta is an absolute mess right where it needs to be best of breed: the user experience. I’m sure there were solutions to all the problems I experienced, but I can’t be arsed to sit down and debug other people’s code when it’s so painfully obvious they didn’t debug their own. The developer of Quanta needs to gather a bunch of new users from different disciplines (ranging from technical users to non-technical users) and watch them thrash around with his software, taking notes so he understands what the pain points are and why Quanta, as is, will not take the world by storm. Nor even by zephyr.

No up/downvote is a selling point AFAIC. Nothing is quite as pathetic as chasing fantasy approval points on the Internet.

This. This right here. Someone with actual formal study and experience in UI and UX design needs to be brought into the loop on most of the fediverse projects. This way you get around things like Pixelfed not allowing batched uploads and other horrors of UX.

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