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Embedded systems development. “Asian” philosophers (moral, political, and cosmological). China in its good points and bad points. Role-playing games that are not D&D of any variety. Languages. Musical instruments. Non-mainstream programming languages. …

Because posting here largely feels like shouting into the empty wilderness. After a while with no response or even eyeballs on the post, I just give up. Apparently what I find interesting isn’t what anybody else does.

My favourite Blockchain/DLT-based social networks are the ones that take all the cryptobros away from people who aren’t cultists.

The moment a site or piece of software incorporates crypto bullshit, that’s the moment I dump it without ceremony or warning.

Ooh, yeah. I forgot about that. 我经常得用中文打字 nowadays. Dvorak would be a nightmare for that, I suspect.

When I tried it you had to install special software to use Dvorak. And that doesn’t help at all when you’re on a console device, etc.

The world is more than just the latest version of Windows.

+1 on the Vim thing. Holy CRAP was Vim impossible to use with Dvorak until I laboriously remapped every single god-damned key (and memorized the new key to functionality mapping!).

No. Just bluntly no.

I did try using Dvorak. I got pretty good at it. After about four months I could finally type as quickly and effectively on Dvorak as I could on QWERTY.

On. One. Computer.

I sit down at a friend’s computer or a family member’s? Newp. I use a phone or a tablet? Newp. I use a work computer (where I’m not permitted to install my own software)? Newp.

So that’s four months of reduced capacity to type, plus having to keep QWERTY in my muscle memory anyway (with the attendant confusion and error rate that causes!) all for … not really getting much more speed than I was able to do with QWERTY in the first place.

Funny, isn’t it, how TikTok is an unacceptable security risk, but the company whose machinations have proven to have fucked up western elections is just fine.

I wonder if I can spot the pattern…

Facebook: American. TikTok: Chinese.

Found it.

To apologetically paraphrase The Police:

There is no technical solution

to a troubled evolution

Popular? Some of the accounts I interacted with would get thousands a day. 🤣

Way more. I’d get dozens of replies, etc. daily on Twitter back then. I don’t think I ever received a dozen replies on Mastodon in total.

Conversely, I moved to Mastodon from Twitter and got … zero engagement. Precisely bupkis. Shouting into a void without even the comfort of an echo coming back. So I basically ditched the Mastodon account too. (It’s still up, but I haven’t bothered posting anything in months.)

Data is not merely a plural form of anecdote. Most people, I suspect, coming to the Fediverse from the big name sites are experiencing drops in interaction, not increases. Some will go back to the big name sites. Others (like me) drop both.

You’re not letting people from other instances subscribe?

Huh. I always called them Musks Oxen.

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fedilink was the first point of contact for me with Lemmy. I joined it. I liked it. I saw no reason to go looking for another instance.

What’s my incentive to move to another instance supposed to be? Because I can?

If I were a browser console, where would I be hiding?

(I’m an embedded developer, not a web one.)

Phase 1:

URL and title provided

Phase 2:

Body of post provided

Phase 3:

Spin spin spin

And that’s where it sticks forever. Longest test run was over an hour.

Indeed whenever I try to upload anything (including the images used in this report that I eventually had to host at imgur) I get this popping up briefly:

Syntax Error

That might be a useful data point.

I’ve been unable to make any posts of any kind today. Was there a server update that turned that off?

I just created a community for [the Logtalk programming language]( Drop on by if you're a user, want to be a user, or just think this sounds interesting.