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That’s an interesting approach ☺️

There are several debate communities on Reddit do they all have this problem?

Why does it need to make money? How can it be open source and still make money?

This sounds like it would be pretty useful but I feel like I’d have a hard time convincing people to not use first past the post. Maybe a web app would help convincing them…

Yes I’ve had this problem before those tables are hard to read and understand. almanac.com is the one that I used. I think it could be a lot better!

Thanks that looks like a good resource. An AI consultant could be built really cheaply or really expensive. The cheap version would be an indexed search engine over documents that returns search results. The expensive version would be a language model fine tuned on those documents that generates natural language responses. The hard part is collecting all the documents. This seems like a useful project!

What’s your current preferred learning resource for permaculture related things?

What benefits does federation bring to a debate platform? Are there debate platforms that you prefer right now that could be improved by federation?

I wish you wouldn’t leave and I wish you would care more. If you did care more you’d know that CCP is not their name and no one thinks CPC is free from corruption and they themselves know that corruption is a huge issue.