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Correct, it’s a news article in Portuguese. Let me describe it: “The leader of the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny is going to spend 2 years + 8 months in a penal colony… over violating the terms in a sentence from 2014 that transitioned from suspended to effective.” Then it goes on to several of his supporters (thousands) getting arrested during the audience/protests. Some over his alleged poisoning, which the Kremlin denied. When an European Diplomatic leader visited they said that they wouldn’t take lessons from Brussels.

I knew it. Anyway, this is what I tried to translate:

i seek to know how to talk in that complex, unusual language that (is) not like Pig Latin

I just took words from a guide and replaced them without paying attention to the structure.

Thanks for confirming and translating. :)

Translation Request
I tried to use Toki Pona and made this phrase: > **mi lukin sona toki lon ni ike nasa toki taso ni li ala sama soweli toki** But I think it's missing something, so I'm asking you guys to translate it so I can see if it's understandable.