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Just be mindful of coercion paid or otherwise when voting takes place outside a polling-booth.

@meloo@lemmy.perthchat.org are you part of the team? Running a fork? What say you on the maintenance mode?

Not just open source but optional as well. It won’t happen because it would hurt the bottom line but I’m glad it’s being talked about.

More of a high-dimensional trust vector but I get your point. We won’t know the consequences until we try it. Some of the potential advantages are scalability, transparency, optionality, automation, resistance to bots, and decentralization.

My theory is web-of-trust-based moderation can fix this but not on Twitter because they won’t allow such an integration. So we should try it on the fediverse. One of these days I’ll hook this kind of thing up to Mastodon (watch https://github.com/weex/wot-server if you’re interested in knowing when that happens).

I suspect sponsorship on the fediverse is going to be better measured through something at the point of conversion rather than user surveillance. Promo codes instead of impressions.

Are deepfakes a problem? I hadn’t noticed.

Have you considered looking at a web of trust? I’ve implemented one in python and intend to connect it to a fork of Mastodon at some point, but you may find it useful as a way to resolve trust links among a network of participants.

We should take inspiration from tiktok from what it does right.

I agree with this. If anyone’s interested to work on a tiktok replacement, let’s find a way to join up and work on making these various right things work in a privacy-respecting, fun, and FOSS set of projects. @libre_warrior@lemmy.ml are you aware of any good rallying points? A new community perhaps or existing software project?

Obviously ridiculous that people put up with this kind of infringement but not unexpected either. Manufacturers access to data should work like it does in open source. A choice given to the user to share anonymized data or not. Remote start and maintenance alerts can be done with privacy if we make it a condition of purchase.

It is with great pleasure that I can share the following two standards documents that were finalized this past week under the Fediverse Enhancement Proposal process: [FEP-400e: Publicly-appendable ActivityPub collections](https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fep/src/branch/main/feps/fep-400e.md) "describes how ActivityPub servers and clients could specify collections to which objects created by their actors belong." [FEP-8fcf: Followers collection synchronization across servers](https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fep/src/branch/main/feps/fep-8fcf.md) "describes an optional mechanism for detecting discrepancies in following relationships across instances, with minimal overhead and without loss of privacy." It is hoped that documents like these can form the basis for greater interoperability between services on the fediverse. View these proposals, additional draft proposals and the proposal submission process at https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fep

This is fantastic. Reproducible builds help solve the issue of uncertainty that binaries were generated from the specified source code. It’s a key piece of developing more secure software. Thanks for sharing.

I wouldn’t call NFTs a movement. I reserve that word for phenomena that attempt to drive positive social change. NFTs are just a natural product of the digital scarcity that blockchains provide. There is some overlap between FOSS and NFTs in that they share some technology and process. Both depend entirely on the internet. There are some shared motivations some that are unique to each but they operate in such different ways that I don’t see the comparison as being very useful.

Thanks for the share. I didn’t mean to argue. It’s a tough and very broad topic to approach as a technologist, but definitely deserving of study.

I see. Guess I’m looking forward then to hearing more about solutions which don’t use tech.

Tech is a tool and can be used for good and bad. I see examples of use for bad but I’m not sure about fallacies which speak to reasoning. Since you read the book, I think it’d be more helpful to write about the pros and cons discussed in the book than to post screenshots.

After clicking through to the browser’s site “Beta available soon on select devices…”

Thanks for sharing though. I’ve been trying to find more FOSS to use with the Oculus and Cardboard.

I don’t think that’s a big problem. Certainly nothing new for redditors. And at least it has a banned tag so we actually know part of why it was deleted. People often ask and answer about what it said and I think that works fine. Was it spam?

Recently was talking with someone and they said “fediverse and metaverse” in one breath and I was like whoa. I don’t think anyone wants to give Facebook even Meta let alone metaverse.

The two concepts share very little except the rhyme. I see the term as really up the air so I’d only use it if I wanted to confuse people.

What do you mean don’t have a way to make it look right? How does it look wrong?

Questions for the early pioneers of Cross-platform Federation
With yesterday's release of Lemmy v0.14.0 and all of the excitement around federation with Pleroma/Mastodon it makes sense to have a thread just about the federation and what it all means. Some questions: * Have you tried it yet? Why or why not? * How do you plan to use this new connectivity? * Any problems or friction? What could make such a feature more useful to you? I've tested talking back and forth in the comments, seen my Mastodon profile from Lemmy, and followed some subs from Mastodon. Since I get audible notifications on Mastodon, I suspect that following sublemmies can be good for jumping into Lemmy Posts in realtime. I was skeptical if cross-platform federation would find much usage, and it's still not clear which way it'll go, but there's no denying that this kind of development is unique to the free-wheeling fediverse and that this would never exist on CWeb without even bigger tech monopolies. Being able to try things out like this is one of the reasons I'm spending more and more time here. I mean, how can you not be excited about this kind of experimentation and development? Finally, I can't imagine all the work that went into this and want to give a huge thanks to the Lemmy team for making this work.

Captcha almost impossible
Case sensitivity was I think the extra bit of challenge that I didn't expect. The audio rendition was also only the first character. I don't see a related issue in the tracker and I'm not sure if this is local to lemmy.ml or global to all lemmys. But, first since I was able to get in, is this a problem that needs to b solved? Edit: Created issue https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1640