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FTA: We’ve filed a law­suit chal­leng­ing GitHub Copi­lot, an AI prod­uct that relies on unprece­dented open-source soft­ware piracy.

Context not working
Using a browser. Every time I look at my inbox and click context underneath a comment, I get a 404. Any help would be appreciated.

the DIY edition yes. I believe the more expensive laptop is meant to run Windows, but linux can be installed on it and usually works fine.

I think the appeal will come from having more power, and google supports the OS for a significant amount of time iirc. Looking around different forums online there is definitely an audience for this. Plus framework means you can do basic repairs to the hardware easily should you need it.

Great hardware (and coreboot!) combined with spyware :( Why can't they make a framework that supports a linux distro.....

agreed, but as popular as gaming is, I feel like most people’s use case means that getting the most out of their computers and replacing them with used ones is probably best

a couple of posts have been downvoted and I don’t see the logic lol

yeah anyone interested in gaming will want something more powerful, but I think the author’s overall point is correct. For most of us, buying refurbished computers makes the most sense.

nice; I’ve been considering an X1 for a while now…I have no idea why you were downvoted haha

apples newest chips are definitely an innovation. I’m interested to see how ARM devices progress in the next few years

yeah I agree, but I think that touches on the point the author made. Most of us don’t need brand new machines with the most high gpu etc…for the basic things most people do, a used machine will work just fine. My daily driver is a 10 year thinkpad

I haven’t used windows as a daily driver since XP. I used 7 briefly for a class I was taking, but it’s been all linux/bsd since then. Every time I try a new windows version I can’t stand it lol

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The stock price isn't the interesting part, it's that NVIDIA can't sell to Russia or China. Here's the SEC source: https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/1045810/000104581022000146/nvda-20220826.htm I posted elsewhere about a new chip designed/made in China that competes with NVIDIA. As US Gov puts more restrictions on business with russia and china, the more chinese industries catch up with the likes of NVIDIA, intel, amd, etc

I realize this news isn’t about that specifically but…

I hope china and it’s SOE’s encourage open hardware, or at least free/open source software. Powerful chips running proprietary garbage is no good to me.

oh ok. That’s cool you get to buy a PC like that.

less cars more public transportation please

Please arm/riscV become more usable, or raptor PPC become cheaper…

yeah it’s pretty awful lmao. I tried 11 recently, I don’t know how anyone can stomach using it

this was helpful; I knew some the alternatives like jitsi and matrix, but the links to what facebook is up to are really useful

I don’t want smart appliances at all

I wonder what will happen as China begins producing more of it’s own chips that can compete with intel/amd? Also, what happens with risc/arm? and hopefully allowing us as end users to have machines without this shit on it

One of the comments from under the arsetechnica article mentions possibility of corporate espionage…I’m inclined to believe that, but obviously that’s pure speculation.

I tried doing everything in the tty years ago. It was fun learning experience, but I’m not really sure that I would like to do it all the time.

Mozilla might be awful, but Firefox keeps positive things for the web