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A fast and not too memory hungry selfhosted, decentralised chat (Matrix) client, with support for E2E-encryption and voice chat (Mumble?) integration.

Bonus points if it could have different types of “chat” rooms with different user interfaces, such as ones for “ephemeral” content, such as general banter and memes. These could let their content expire after a certain time and have typing indicators and so on.

An other type of room could have a more of a forum style interface, which encourages “slow” chat with more lengthy and content-rich posts. It could remove typing indicators and not automatically display new messages to encourage people writing their thoughts out in one message, instead of feeling pressured to send their messages as quickly as possible.

Basically an all in one application for communities but FLOSS. I don’t necessarily think an all-in-one community application is needed, but Discord proves that’s what people seem to want.

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I’m super excited for matrix’s new server, dendrite.

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