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I just did this! I have a VPS, and I used wg-easy with Adguard DNS on by default (clients can change this if they choose, just have to change the DNS setting).

I haven’t noticed any throttling, I use my own VPN service though

That is not the trackers section.

I didn’t even know it was encrypted and used it anyway because it’s so simple and easy

OMEMO is not default. Even in the list you linked, half of the clients do not fully support it.

We really need to stop recommending Keybase to people, the codebase is not maintained at all (the github activity is a flat line) so the crypto should be considered obsolete. From what I can tell, it was designed to show off the skills of the devs for acquisition/hiring and now it has been acquired.

I think they’re aiming at a more general market, that needs a nice UI to use the product. Also, XMPP is not encrypted by default.

I second this. Joplin is great for notes, and they have checkboxes that you could use for a todo list (I use it for my grocery list). It’s also encrypted, has clients for all devices, and is still getting new features with an active development team. Highly reccomend

Matrix sorta does everything you said minus the TOR afaik. It’s definitely decentralized, federated, E2EE, and has voice/video chat. The 2FA is more of a verification but it’s there (not TOTP/HOTP though). You can also route the app through TOR I’d imagine!

Honestly I partially see your point. Masturbation by itself isn’t necessarily bad, but the problem many people have (myself included) is that porn/masturbation can start to replace the real thing and take energy from you. First it’s a harmless activity, then a habit, then an addiction. And obviously we don’t get superpowers, but the feeling of regaining your energy from something that’s been draining it for so long is a very empowering feeling. And there’s so much positivity around both porn and masturbating that we’ve gotten to the point where children, even just 8 years old, find porn randomly and start a spiraling journey into the addiction. This stuff is more powerful than people realize and it’s doing a lot of harm.

I try not to. In an abstract sense, porn is enjoying something that you desire without having to put in the effort to actually get it. It’s fake, illusionary. When I look at porn it’s because I’m in a weak state and just want that small dopamine rush. I started the NoFap community for me and people like me to quit this habit and become stronger people.

Lemmy’s goal is to be a link aggregator for the Fediverse, switching to the Matrix protocol would completely abandon that. Switching is simply out of question for the project as far as I know. Lemmy is also not even close to a finished product yet so current issues with federation are expected.

What problems would this solve with federation? Seems like it would cut us off from sites like Mastodon

This is just a link, I’m thinking about making a UI within Lemmy itself to chat using Matrix.

I was thinking more of a solution with cactus chat. I don’t know how much work it would be to tie that into a PM system but it would be cool to be able to message people on Matrix without leaving the site!

Is a Matrix messaging system feasible to implement in Lemmy?
I would bet my left hand that it's possible, but is it feasible to use Matrix for the messaging? Or is this simply out the scope for the project?

All other browsers will either be based on Firefox or Chromium. For those based on Firefox, there’s Waterfox and Fennec (Android). For those based on Chromium, there’s DeGoogled Chromium and Brave, but personally I would look through Brave’s settings to disabled any stuff I don’t need such as the cyrpto stuff.

Well then I’m not sure there is a was to permanently delete a community. Lemmy is not officially released yet after all, so some features haven’t been fully implemented.

I believe there is a trash icon on the top right sidebar of the community. Afaik this is the only way to remove a community, I’m not sure if it fully deletes or not as I have not used it.

What features is Lemmy looking to add before 1.0 release?
We're at 0.9.9 already and the site seems pretty well developed. What are the devs working to add before 1.0?

I currently use Tusky, but I have used Fedilab. I found Tusky to be simpler, as Fedilab has a ton of settings. If you prefer customization, Fedilab is definitely your best bet. If you want to just use Mastodon without configuring anything, Tusky is great.

just a thought, but it would fill out the osm street view for almost all of the US and would probably make OSM more popular for those who need that

Might not be small, but I’d love to subscribe to communities in other instances