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Whether the populace has guns or not doesn’t matter for the purpose of maintaining leverage against the state when the authorities have drones, tanks and a military air force. It does however matter for everyone’s security, as evidenced by the crime rate in the US compared to countries in the EU. At least I don’t have to worry about shootings in the grocery store here in Sweden.

The military isn’t the point. If the police break into your house, it won’t be with a tank or an F-16. No government will ever try to massacre their populace with military weapons. Those are only for use against other countries. The only means a government will try to use to control its people is something more like the police. Thankfully, an American today can own a weapon which is similar to what the police have, and that’s what’s important.

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You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the militarization of your police forces.

Are you seriously suggesting that one should be as armed as the police? Are you serious?

Only in America…

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