The USA/West-EU countries make up about 12% of the world’s population, yet have about 80% participation on Reddit. Statistics do not differ much for other sites, as I used to have a decent non-anonymous tech blog years ago, where Google and WordPress offered me similar statistics of 70-75% of the visitors being from the Anglosphere.

Is it because the citizens of these countries are drenched in individualist capitalist societal culture, and easier access to fast internet? What else could be the reasons, and cultural cues?

I have felt that it is the core reason for this chaos and toxicity on the internet, where this very kind of immoral self-centered culture became a virtual hegemony over the decades.

It is a thought that strikes my mind often, as someone from India/Asia, and there is almost non existent discussion about this anywhere.

  • @TheAnonymouseJoker@lemmy.mlOP
    32 years ago

    The defectors who you rely on also defected to Anglo colonialist nations that brainwash them just as well, so Russian fascism is not exactly a thing.

    You can search “Nazi USA” or “Nazi Africa” or even “nazi India” and can find absurd stuff. These are NOT factual cemented examples of fascism. Provide proper sources.