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Telegram is no more secure than any other for-profit platform it claims to be an alternative to.

You are honking the wrong horn here. Telegram is a type of public forum in the form of messaging app, and it does not need to be E2EE for purpose of reading and viewing resources on topics.

Telegram or Discord are not supposed to be a WhatsApp or Signal. Different tools.

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I agree. If they’re used solely as any other public forum. The problem is it supports the ecosystem of these platforms’ faux private chats. Also if you have to create an account to view a public chat why not make it encrypted all the way? Matrix.org supports encrypted rooms.

It’s also ridiculous that you have to give a phone number to use any “type of public forum”, telegram.

It is just what has become the easiest way to keep alt accounts away, I guess. Also makes for a dystopian future, however you want to see it.

If those platforms had some “benevolent” AI that could track data points and clusters without the need for a phone number, to track sockpuppets, platforms might not use phone number. Or if they had experienced people like me, like I am here at Lemmy, that regularly help shut down alts, trolls and harassers, that would be another option. Both of these are harder than just using phone number identifier, it seems, as R&D for that kind of benevolent AI tracker would cost colossal amounts of money.

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