First of all sorry for saying that cursed name, but a school teacher asked me to install it on her laptop, i had no idea how to but after following some tutorials online, it displays this error:

Windows couldn’t open C:\Source\install.wim

I would be very grateful for your help

  • kazutrashOP
    32 years ago

    I am very glad for your reply. For sure, i am going to search more about it, download the ISO again and try it through Microsoft’s Tool as ajz said, although time is drowning me up to the neck.

    It is very wholesome that people on Lemmy are so receptive, helpful and comprehensible. I’m very grateful that besides english isn’t my native language, you people still reply to it and thanks to ajz today i learned how to use “although” properly

      22 years ago

      Awww thanks you very much and you are most certainly welcome. Indeed it seems like generally people cares “more” than say Reddit or other forums/platforms. Also if it helps, my isn’t either. I am natively American SIgn Language (ASL).