Specifically, im wondering if there is a left solution to that.

  • @DamnGoodTech@lemmy.ml
    03 years ago

    I presented an idea at the recent Linux conference. I think I probably botched the talk. :-(

    In any case, the idea I was proposing was this…

    Just hire people.

    The current way of hiring is high risk low reward.

    But if you initially hire someone for a small project as a 1099 that’s low risk high reward. Seeing how the handle a small project can indicate how they’ll handle a large one.

    Not sure of a left solution…I suppose passing a law that limits the number of interviews a company can do; or creating a public hiring department so that all hiring decisions are decided at a state/local level and then passed on to employer; or shutting a company down if there are too many complaints about their hiring process…but I can imagine a lot of issues with these.