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You can even run your favorite Linux shell as your Windows shell - literally with WSL2.

…otherwise windows is unusuable

Heres a great one:

How Windows is so awful with its (anonymous) telemetry, its advertising (that can be turned off in two clicks). All the malware (that you only ever find in dodgy places, with UAC and updates turned off) and its terrible hardware support (as Linux users wait patiently for their WiFi drivers). But don’t worry, you can use a virtual machine… to pass through hardware to Windows.

My favorite part is:

(anonymous) telemetry

Sure buddyyyyyyy

No way the commentors arent paid shills, literally no fucking way. Or maybe Bill’s cum is that tasty. Am baffled

Are you implying thats better?

Hosting a forum and a general chat is probably the best choice. Mahbe even a big FOSS platform that can host a lot of forums simultaneously for others, almost like something that already exists and im making a comment using that platform 🧐🧐

Wrong link or smth? I didnt see them mention source code on there. But theres this repo with no source code but filled with executables and binaries: https://github.com/JordyK8/UnrealEngine-release


Wouldve been better

My super duper secret recipe renowned by Gordon Ramsay himself is:

But completely disable bluetooth, i dont see a button for it at least

Ahh, okay then this is fine too

also sorry if it seemed like an ad, i just honestly wanted to share my experience with it :D

I didnt mean payed advertisement, i meant great exposure. Genuine experiences are worth a lot more than ads.

This is great advertisement. I might even buy one. One question tho, do you need bluetooth turned on always even if you dont want notifications to work and just use it as a watch?

I swear if i see another “madaidans-insecurities” or “*.neocities” link im going to block the person who posted it. If you read the articles, you probably know why i dont like them

even going so far as developing Stallman avoidance tactics

(Edit: found the exact qoute)

"If RMS hits on you, just say ‘I’m a vi user’ even if it’s not true.”

How can you read the above and think its not either:

  1. A fucking joke
  2. A shitty lie

Just read about it, gcc8 is compatible so in theory you can port a lot of software to haiku

Stallman is seriously flawed as a leader and a spokesperson. In 2018, for example, he insisted on including a joke referring to the “global gag rule” in the documentation for abort() in glibc

The joke despite not being technically essential it is what gives software the sign that its created with love and its cherished by its creators and users alike, leaving easter eggs is not a flaw of the software.

I’ve read reports that he has contributed to an unwelcoming environment particularly for women, both off and online, and I have no reason to doubt those reports

Most likely you read these reports during the “open letter” targeting RMS. I believe these were being hyperbolic towards the actions of RMS since a lot of companies would benefit from RMS stepping down from his position and thus were creating (not necessarily) fake (anonymous) scenarios to devalue RMS and many (if not all) were debunked or proved fake.

More generally, a fundamental flaw of Stallman’s in my opinion is that he often seems to form opinions on matters that do not concern him

They’re opinions for a reason and have nothing to do with Open Source or the GNU and he states that in his website stallman.org

relevant communities, often running counter to the widely accepted opinion in those communities

Good point, they’re still opinions and have no real value except as ideas

Most controversial is his article against singular they/them (which, to my knowledge, runs counter not only to consensus in the trans and non-binary communities but also to generally accepted linguistic practice overall)

I agree with Stallman on this one, but i dislike per/pers specifically, if a better alternative was decided upon on itd be great

he shows this tendency elsewhere for example when he argues that “piracy” is a smear term (which was technically true at some point - but this term has long since been “reclaimed” (for lack of a better word) by the data sharing community, a fact he does not even seem to mention)

I strongly disagree with this point as, although it is used by a lot of people, it will always imply that youre doing something inheritely illegal and unethical when it should be a human right to share your possesions with your neighbor at will

His anti-glossary is full of more examples.

I agree with over 90% of those examples, there’s words that are pushed to fill in a narrative to create legal or political bias.

Yeah this is more of a hobby os than a real alternative to linux. The work it has gone into it is amazing but unless you can compile software for it then its more something you would put on an old pc like the author of the article suggested

Personally I like and agree with his perspective on computer software, but find it a bit extremist. As for his controversial opinions I'd rather not discuss about. How do you view his ideologies and has he impacted your life?

Just finished Arcane and I have to say I'm left without words. I knew this was going to be awesome because I've always loved how Riot's music videos were top quality animation wise, but ofc just overall great. Ive played league of legends(I dont recommend playing the game at all or **EVER**) before but dont play anymore, this series will not require you to have any knowledge about the game and will take you through an extraordinary adventure of two sisters (and friends). The animation is top notch, the soundfx are really good too and the story is nuanced. Currently on Netflix but I may or may have not downloaded it from internet friends through p2p means due to my philosphical perspective and would definitely not encourage anyone to do the same ;). What are your thoughts on this series? (Mark spoilers as such)

Streamable/youtube alternative
I sometimes upload some (osu) videos which i share with friends and would want them to be hosted on a FOS platform. I do compress my videos(to around 20mb) before uploading and i dont upload that often, but I cant seen to find a viable alternative. - Peertube: This seems like the best alternative except I cant really find an instance where its "for everyone" and usually theyre mostly for personal use or for specific countries. If you use a peertube instance which would allow my type of short and rareful videos please recommend it. - LBRY: This seems like a decent alternative except the mobile app is awfully large (since its a crypto wallet) EDIT: I found a compatible instance, will not delete the post as someone may have a similar need for it: https://peertube.linuxrocks.online/