There are libraries full of books written about hierarchical business methods, practices, and models. I’m curious to learn more about the practical application of alternative business models.

I’m looking for history books that showcase the good, the bad, and the ugly of collaborative business models. When, where, and how did some succeed? When, where, and how did some fail?

I’m looking for analysis that compare and contrast hierarchical and non-hierarchical businesses directly via metrics like failure rate, employee turnover, community impact, annualized growth, etc. and indirectly by investigating challenges and trade-offs unique to different organizational structures.

Does anyone know any good books about cooperatives?

    32 years ago

    Not about cooperatives but maybe about the way to run them: I would recommend the book “We the people” about sociocracy.

    Buck, John Jr, and Sharon Villines. We the People. Washington, DC: Sociocracy.Info Press, 2007.