urte bat

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urte bat

Falun Dafa = the spiritual practice (although new age and not traditional like they claim, just inspired by)

Falun Gong = cult that invented the Falun Dafa, alike to Scientology, whose founder believes aliens will visit us any year now, who believes gay people are the devil incarnate, who wants to see China fractured and sent back to the stone age, who makes a ton of money scamming his followers out off their money with the Dafa practice (that he claims is ancestral but he invented it), who is salty because Falung Gong is banned in the PRC for these exact reasons but Falun Dafa isn’t so what is the problem? If it was about the practice then he can still practice.

Shen Yun = their anti-communist theatre troupe that romanticises Imperial China before the revolution. Those songs you hear in the background of their shows? They’re all about anti-lgbt stuff lol

I sincerely hope Falun Gong gets yeeted off this instance asap. You must be part of the cult because I can’t imagine anyone would do this freely.

Edit: this account, it seems, also engages in vote manipulation. It was sitting at +3 -3, I downvoted, and a few minutes later upvotes go up to match my downvote.

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