Was having a conversation with a mod who was upset that I downvoted their opinion. Apparently if you disagree, you are banned. Looking at you @CHEFKOCH@lemmy.ml. I wouldn’t consider anything I did trolling or a violation of the rules of c/scandalzilla.

Here is the post if anyone wants to validate: https://lemmy.ml/post/163594

      • krolden
        2 years ago

        Linking walls of text filled with links to your own blog isn’t debunking. Its a straight up fascist tactic to denounce others positions since no one is going to read. How about you actually explain yourself in a comment instead of posting a link to your blog.

        Not to mention you didn’t actually debunk any of their evidence, its just a rant about doxing and TOS violations. Crying about ‘doxing’ then listing a bunch of users you dont like it the same post? Come on dude.