This includes articles, ebooks, audiobooks, etc. If you do, what genres and which books?

  • Jesse
    2 years ago

    I’ve only recently started to get into reading books. I know it may sound silly, but the only books I read growing up was required by school (which was a lot and a lot of important books were read). I tend to read more non-fiction since I don’t tend to use reading as escapism as much as I do education.

    The other day I read an entire (small) book in a day, and it was a terrible book. It was called The Kingdom of Speech by Tom Wolfe. After reading it I looked at some reviews of it and saw that my sentiment was shared. The author did very little research and just goes about discrediting 150 years of scholarly research to arrive at his own conclusion. Additionally, there’s a strong sense that the author is upset with political correctness because when referring to an indigenous tribe, he will say the following:

    “… the nati -er, indigenous - peoples…”

    and it just rubbed me the wrong way entirely. He did this so frequently that it was really upsetting my reading. This book review is pretty short, but devastating:

    I read the book because my spouse bought it on a whim some years ago, and I felt like it. Don’t recommend though haha. My next two books will be Mutual Aid and The Ice People.