I’m searching for an “noob-proof” matrix messenger that is supposed to replace WhatsApp.

It should have E2EE enabled by default and a backup/restore function for contacts, chats and settings (preferably local backup, but nextcloud would be fine aswell).

It would be nice if you could also mention matrix clients that work on iOS, Linux and Windows as well (if there are any), since not all of my contacts use android or are always reachable per phone.

Happy to hear your recommendations and experiences.

Thank you!

  • @xarvos@lemmy.ml
    72 years ago

    As for cross platform, there are Element and FluffyChat. There is also nheko I can recommend for desktop and cinny on web.

    If you don’t insist on matrix, Snikket might be a good option too.

    • @toneverends@lemmy.ml
      12 years ago

      Yeah. Conversations.im and its sibling quicksy.im (as service+app bundles) are fine for android but not iOS unless you can assist with setup.

      Snikket is an effort to create a deployable service+app bundle using a relabelled conversations app on android, something else on iOS, to the end user all appearing as preconfigured coherent bundle. They have plans for whitelabel hosting.

      Not sure what snikket has planned for desktop - there’s some promising browser based xmpp clients in development.