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some instances also block pleroma instances that use soapbox fe. their reason is because the dev is terf so users must also be terf

i’m on mobile and see the svg just fine

that sounds like a forum to me, with topics and subtopics hierarchy. discourse is like that isn’t it?

pretty sure she took once in the episode where doofenshmirtz make a machine to erase photos

Electron apps is essentially running web apps wrapped as a desktop version.

worse even: it includes different copies of chromium in each app

i think the second one is libreoffice

Did covid even go away?

I use florisboard so there is no dictionary suggestion whjch is, as you said, hard to tyoe correctly. I find it frustrsting and sometimes too tired to correct them unless it’s absolitely unreadsble

As for cross platform, there are Element and FluffyChat. There is also nheko I can recommend for desktop and cinny on web.

If you don’t insist on matrix, Snikket might be a good option too.

It’s probably not copyrightable but it’s trade secret.

Installing an OS is hard. That’s why most people don’t do that

This is a no brainer for me

Are you saying there’s no Chinese corporation? 🤔

I came back a few days ago and was surprised that most of the public timeline is from Lemmy

I think the ones without a word separator should be gone, because it’s harder to read

It’s something close: https://discourse.mozilla.org/t/about-config-missing/66537/6

About:config is not a feature that most people will use and it can make your browser seriously unstable.

Fennec also has about:config support. It’s a firefox feature that’s removed “because it’s dangerous for users” 🙄

requiring some specific browser just to input address

Signal is more Odysee-like if anything, not federated and having crypto bs builtin.

I mean, the code is on the server, you can’t know if they’re really using the same source code anyway

that’s even more creepy

It is also terribly space-inefficient and honk very loudly and its headlamp is blinding

I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, but “slow” here means you slow down

Plot twist: that’s the passphrase: winking sonic milk pregnancy

These advertisements are removed as spam (see modlog) so I’d report it as such

I think you mean language filter. Internalization often means something else

Mastodon tries to implement a language filter too, but it didn’t go very well from what I heard – false negative and false positive happen both too often.

I wouldn’t be against this feature though. IMO there should be a message confirming if the language is recognized correctly to refine the language model, but that might be diverting developers’ effort from more helpful features.

Everything with underscore behaves weirdly on Lemmy

On one hand, it reaches more people, on the other hand, it’d be annoying if it is posted on several communities I subscribe to.

It’d be nice if Lemmy merge them. (Do they?)

The client API can be used to make it possible. There is a mirror bot on lotide, btw

Mass surveillance ethicless tracking you antisocial

First post, just realized I can put text in image post unlike on Reddit.