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What's an easy to use matrix messenger for family and friends?
Hi, I'm searching for an "noob-proof" matrix messenger that is supposed to replace WhatsApp. It should have E2EE enabled by default and a backup/restore function for contacts, chats and settings (preferably local backup, but nextcloud would be fine aswell). It would be nice if you could also mention matrix clients that work on iOS, Linux and Windows as well (if there are any), since not all of my contacts use android or are always reachable per phone. Happy to hear your recommendations and experiences. Thank you!

Which FOSS FTP client app for android?
Hi, till ca. 2018 I used clouds like Dropbox or Google Drive for storage. But since then I've moved more and more to FOSS, privacy-respecting software. Now I have a router with an USB port and built-in FTP (doesn't support SFTP) server. My plan is to backup some apps, pictures, settings etc. I would also store a copy of the most important files at a nextcloud instance. At the moment I don't have enough money to spend, otherwise I would have bought a NAS. Q: Which FOSS android apps are available to up- and download from an FTP server? Maybe you've also a little guide for me, as I was using only cloud storage for years and therefore have almost zero experience with this stuff. Thank you :)

Online questionnaire to help choose an Android ROM (similar to distrochooser for Linux distros)
Hi, is there something like https://distrochooser.de/en/ just for Android ROMs? It feels like there are hundreds of them and something like that would make the search easier. For those wondering, I'm searching for suitable ROMs that could be built (from source), so I'm not limited by what's already available for my devices. Thank you!

1 year later, it seems to be offline :(

For Android i know that you can find some FOSS Telegram clients, in github and telegram itself but also on F-Droid (just to name a few: Telegram FOSS, Nekogram X, Forkgram, Catogram).

On desktop on the other hand, i know of only one other FOSS client (that is called: Kotatogram).

Maybe someone knows of some more FOSS desktop clients?