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Best to view fingerprint and pin/pattern unlocking as ways of avoiding random unlocks while in your pocket, for example.

TPM chips invented in ~2004 were widely feared because they enabled this capability, but until now they have been primarily used only in corporate networks and for BitLocker hard drive encryption.

[…] Cloudflare has already shown it is possible for websites to use it to verify the humanity of a user and skip CAPTCHAs on macOS. What happens when Windows gains that ability? Linux users will be left out in the cold […]

On an extremely paranoid note, will our government or a large corporation require a driver’s license for the internet, with a digital attestation binding a device to your digital ID in an unfalsifiable way? […]

Really though, what is the difference between a copyright-infringing piece of code generated by copilot, and a copyright-infringing piece of code generated by running the original through rot-13 twice?

I can’t wait to see court cases where proprietary software developed using copilot is found to be fully AGPLv3 due to where the ML learnt its patterns.

Ha. Viral marketing. It’s a beer from Geelong. The name “furphy” means something like “a tall tale”.

What city’s (nation’s?) annual resource consumption and CO₂e emissions does $15b worth of GPU manufacture and subsequent mining most closely represent?

Marginally “better”, but not progress; like the US military going carbon neutral.

The ecosystem is still a walled garden subject to government pressures upon and whims of a single corporate entity.

Boot up tails or qubes in a virtual machine (LXC or VirtualBox, for example).

If you can get close to eliminating sugar and simple starches from your daily diet, that alone will prevent a lot of plaque build-up and even slow/prevent advancement of tooth decay (within reason… Please see a dentist and get tooth decay fixed before it destroys your quality of life).

Sugary foods include things like dried fruit. Simple starches include crackers and most bread (I find a crusty open-crumb sourdough to cause less plaque buildup than a fluffy yeast loaf, despite being basically the same ingredients.)

Searching on Aliexpress, I found several USB-C hubs with the same case, same specs, and probably the same components… for 10 euros a piece. Paying 90 euros just because some company printed their logo on it feels… wrong.

Yet another IM protocol. Walled garden. Fees to be paid to a central company.

There’s plenty to criticise about signal, but “mesibo” is not the solution.

Besodes, the signal-dissing in the article seems mostly a FUD exercise.

Can always use a neutral functional deoderant such as magnesium hydroxide if you’re averse to perfumes.

…so, just feed this data back into the deep fake engine model until it is indistinguishable again?

Excellent. This is a solution to the problem of “spreadsheets are shit”, where they didn’t just try to make a better VisiCalc/Lotus123/Excel/Gnumeric/OpenOffice/etc.

It satisfies a use-case of spreadsheets (turning data entry/processing into a ui) but way more effectively and logically and unambiguously than a spreadsheet.

JupyterLab is another thing worth checking out, if you want to replace the data-crunching notebook aspects of a spreadsheet, but better.

Forgot to switch accounts. Every thread on Lemmy is just one person shitposting between multiple logins to give the illusion of a vibrant fledgling federated platform.

!genzedong@lemmygrad.ml is the only real community.

For real? Pull your head out of your vegan high-horse! Just sit in the sea of ideas for a while and listen to your own mind to see if some new thought comes along.

For the situation of ecological destruction to grow crops, it needs more consideration if you’re vacillating between denial and universal human genocide.

Alternatively, accept that the vegans and the carnists are sitting in the same clump on the “humane spectrum”. One doesn’t get to opt-out of moral culpability by being vegan.

Banned from c/vegan for this one. My bad. Captions: Anakin Padme 4-panel: - "I'm going to make everyone go vegan and eat soybeans." - "So we won't destroy any more ecosystems, right?" - ... - "We won't destroy any more ecosystems, right?"

Conversations.im registration is now free of charge!
Looks like they're funding the service through custom domain xmpp hosting: > We have decided to make conversations.im accounts free of charge. We think this will help the adoption of XMPP in general and Conversations in particular. Our domain hosting will continue to act as a source of revenue for our service. > > We hope you continue to enjoy conversations.im.

In order to remotely help family and friends with iOS devices get a decent xmpp app up and running, I put together a few screenshots of the settings one needs to check after setting up an account in Siskin. Frustrating that these need to be checked (including "enabling" the just-set-up account!), but once these setting are in place it all seemed to just work ...after restarting the iPhone (the good old "turn it off and on again"). Delivery is prompt, and voice and video calls between Conversations and Siskin work great too! It's pretty rough, but I don't really have access to iOS devices so it's the best I've got.