I was wondering what the point of lemmy was, if we can’t get a certain number of people, we won’t be able to thrive as a community and I don’t see lots of people joining even though it is an open-source and decentralised forum unlike reddit.

There are many obvious things lemmy could do better, should I make a report about it? I think we are lagging behind and not doing things which are obvious. A better GUI for mobile website would be one of the top suggestions I have. thoughs?

1urte bat

@Owell1984 Not specifically Lemmy, but I do hope that someday the fediverse can replace the proprietary social media. It’s biggest strength is that all fedi-platforms are designed to communicate with each other, thereby effectively having a common pool of users (for example, I somehow use Lemmy when commenting on this thread, while I am actually doing it from a Friendica instance) instead of (only/mainly) competing to grab users from each other.

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