Wondering what video editor should I learn to use? It does not need to have fancy effects, just cutting clips and muting and adding audio…

Currently I use Pitivi however its renderer is not the fastest, has no mute button for individual clips (afaik) and UI is not perfect. It does its job if there is no better options.

But I am wondering how other Linux video editors look like today in 2021? What I value in good editor is ease of use, fast import speed, rendering speed and low amount of dependencies…

Also it has to be free software and on Debian repository (testing)

  • @decaprecated@lemmy.ml
    53 years ago

    I’ve found kdenlive the easiest for simple video editing like your use case, but like you said if you’re not using kde it probably has a bunch of dependencies. There’s also olive which I didn’t see mentioned in this thread but I haven’t used it enough to give it a fair review. And you could probably use just ffmpeg especially if you tend to do the same operations on a large amount of media.