• @linkert@lemmy.ml
    62 years ago

    I wish there was a global push towards more thoughtful layouts such as Colemak-DH and some standardisation between OSes. Like for instance I’m a Swede and need my ÅÄÖ but I also despise ISO Nordic symbol placements and perfere ANSI for symbols.

    Currently using the SE variant of the US layout (Linux) which gives me ÅÄÖ on the third layer accessible via “Alt GR”+{ [, ', ; }. Now to make things more betterereer I have a QMK/Vial enabled keyboard where I’ve set three keys to automatically treat and chord the previously stated keycombinations to reach ÅÄÖ without having to hold Alt GR.

    The result is a magical ANSI Nordic layout set in Colemak-DH (with chorded Dvorak style .,/)on a highly customisable Vial keeb.

    The issue is that on something like macOS the us layout and (I think it’s Swedish/Nordic variant) the ÅÄÖ is situated under Alt+a, alt+o and something else which makes my board not work as I had intended it to work. On windows 11 I fail to even find how in the F you change your keyboard layout at all - it’s a god darn mess.