I got banned from reddit (honestly feel a lot better without it)

But I miss being able to answer stupid questions and relationship questions.

Lemmy is great, but why aren’t there that many people on here? I don’t get it.

An I using my filters wrong or something?

  • Ratette (she/her)
    52 years ago

    On lemmy alone we have (not including the directly political and ML subs):

    • an anime memes sub
    • a 196 meme sub
    • music subs
    • gardening subs
    • paleo fauna
    • mental health sub
    • free chat
    • feminism
    • trans
    • veganism
    • General lgbt pride

    And that’s just a selection of the ones I’m subbed to.

    There’s so much variety and it only grows as people make them.

    I remember your username getting banned for chatting shit and I bet this little “only 4 commenters” tirade you’re on is because those were the 4 who schooled you when you came in all anti-communist.

    Plenty of people contribute and you lying and crying about it is pathetic. Your anti communism is showing and so is your ignorance to Marxism.