• @Zerush@lemmy.ml
    21 year ago

    Agree, yes there is a lot of programmed obsolence in the software and OS. A lot of current soft not longer work on 32bit systems or in OS which do so. That means that some old PC don’t work anymore with current soft, leaving the choice of doing the job with outdated software that has neither the functionality nor the quality of the results. You cannot get the same results with a graphics program from 15 years ago, as with the current version. In other words, an individual can use even an old Pentium with some light Linux distro, if he uses it exclusively for some office or study work, but he can forget about the device if he needs something more complete and better, or he need to search the internet safely, when even current web pages already exceed the resources offered by the PC. It is certainly not necessary for the PC to be one of NASA to do a good job, but only up to a certain limit and always depending on what it is used for. It cannot be globalized that a used laptop is enough, for some it can work, for others it cannot.