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China already has chip manufacturing capabilities especially if you include Taiwan. The US can’t even get its trains and airports to work properly. As much as I’d love a stronger industrial base, it’s not going to happen without a major overhaul.

Was that in the works? Was the US trying to build up a manufacturing capability for Solar Panels. If the US wants something China has they could try asking for it. They could also fund their own R&D.

I bet China would be open to joint development with the US, but the US has to decide whether it wants a trade war or cooperation.

I can’t remember the last time I had to use HP software. They’re a bad company that’s easy to avoid. Windows is becoming easier to avoid as well. I have a copy of Windows 10 installed on another HDD, but I almost never have to use it.

seconded. Torrenting is safe and easy. The more people torrenting the more accessible files and information becomes. It also provides the only argument against corporate raising of prices and lowering of standards. They treat you poorly because they think you can. Torrenting is the counter response.

1337X is my go to for movies and TV. Pirate Bay is always a great option.
Transmission is a free and open source client.

Well quarantined. Its still there with its broken links, zero listed members, and heavily shadow banned status. You can’t see it unless you look for it, and an anti-socialist mimic comes up first if you search for it. It’s there though.

No you have a huge point. If I use a power tool or doing any kind of labor, I want to know the risks involved so that I can mitigate them as much as I can. If I’m told that this power tool or this kind of labor has no risks, then I could die, and it would be the fault of whoever diminished those risks.

Safety is important. The first step to a safe environment is correctly identifying the potential risks you are being exposed to while in that environment. If you are purposefully diminishing the hazards associated with known risks then you are directly responsible for the deaths that arise as a result.

can’t you just use a separate private window to run a second instance?

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Nootropicsdepot.com sells a lot of potent extracts, verified for content and impurities. I’d say its the hands down number one distributor of “health” drugs.

China isn’t sanctioning Russia in any way; moreover, at the start of the war Chinese companies stepped in to alleviate some of the worst setbacks of Western sanctions. I think it’s fair to say that Russia would be in a far less favorable position without the support China has shown. I wouldn’t expect that situation to change any time soon. There’s always an innuendo of some brewing conflict between the two, but it’s just wishful thinking on the part of the authors.

Lol, you’re right. This news is terribly irrelevant for an article published last week. Why even write it? Western nations have been suffering from a chip shortage for over a year and are rushing to establish domestic production. This feels like more displacement. Taiwan is the most advanced manufacturer of transistors, but China proper is the second most advanced manufacturer; considering Taiwan is recognized as a province of China and the separatist lost the recent elections, the west is in serious trouble rather than Russia. Russia never de-industrialized, and the core of Russia’s industrial base is under central control; while the US has de-industrialized, and it’s only means of central control is bribing it’s capitalist base, which is more interested in banking fraud than production.

The article mentioned Russia’s domestic production. It said their domestic factories can only produce 90nm chips, which is believable.

As far as the latter part of what you said is concerned, that was my same takeaway. China proper is the second most advanced manufacturer of transistors and has good trade relations with Russia; to the extent that their earlier declaration of friendship read more like a marriage declaration. These western sanctions only amount to Chinese protectionism. Its a huge boon to Chinese and Russian technological development and cooperation.

I'm having crashing problems with certain games and looking for advice or conformation that its a common issue.
I'm playing with steam with the latest version of proton on Linux Mint 21. Kernel 5.15.0-56. RTX 3070, last generation am4 R7 1800X. Certain games crash for no apparent reason, requiring a hard reset. The two most recent games with this issue were Horizon Zero Dawn and Remnant: From the ashes. It doesn't seem to be related to anything. It's not related to high load or load in, though sometimes it correlates other times it will just crash while nothing is happening. I think it might have something to do with the Vulcan shaders. Both of the named games take an unusually long time to process them. With Horizon Zero Dawn it can take up to twenty minutes and the processing itself causes the CPU fans to ramp up. I checked Nvidia's website to make sure I was using the most recent driver. It shows 525.60.11 as the most recent, which is what I'm using. The recommended open kernel version simply doesn't work, but closed works just fine; and I have no reason to think it's a gpu issue. I don't know if this is a solvable issue or if its something that has to be dealt with. On a side note: how do you get the resolution you want? I have a 4k monitor but my display is set to 1080p for readability. There's upscaling, but that upscales the game. The option to go above your system resolution is not available. So the only real solution would be to set the display to the hardware resolution and put my nose against the screen in order to access the game. It seems like such a weird hindrance. The hardware is there, but for readability sake you're stuck at 1080p

every few days. More than reddit.

Are we ever going to get better key-commands?
All I want is a way to finalize a post or comment without having to reach for the mouse. It's a little thing that's almost universally implemented. Just a simple Ctrl-Enter. That's all I'm asking for.

Not having to rely on proton is definitely much better and preferable.

From what I heard all of Russia is in the process of switching to Linux. This can only encourage more software to be written with it in mind

This is the first I’m hearing of Win 11 virtualization. Does it offer any real benefits or is it simply more bloat and needless complexity?

I know personally that I have no intention to move beyond 10. I was already very much against 10 as an OS. 11 might very well be like 8 where people simply refuse to migrate. Every other version turns out to be a broken mess nobody wanted. That’s what I’m expecting out of 11. At the very least I’m guessing that software like what you’re mentioning will make it too bloated and complex to operate on enough hardware as to make it something to dismiss.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Is there any hope of getting keyboard shortcuts? If nothing else ctrl+enter is strange to do without.