Black 3.0 - the world's blackest black acrylic paint
This is the world's blackest paint! Black 3.0 is the latest version of Stuart Semple’s super matte, ultra black acrylic paint. It was created with the help of over 1000 different artists who beta-tested the paint. Black 3.0 is the blackest and mattest acrylic paint on the planet.

This is probably not a meme, so apologies for that. I do find it funny, though.

Here’s what the cookie selection window looks like:
9 hilabete

Seriously, if you do this, you’re not an artist. You’re a grifter and an asshole.

Imagine if the ancient Greeks just decided to patent marble carving. Or the ancient Chinese patented brush calligraphy or ceramics. Or the Japanese patented origami. If your first thought is to patent a process for art, you don’t understand the point of art.

Actually what am I talking about? The entire modern copyright system goes against the spirit of art. The CC licenses are where it’s at.

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