I might take over one of these one-year-free hosted Lemmy instances on my server infrastructure, but I read several times now that Lemmy’s image hosting system Pict-rs is using a lot of storage quickly.

The server I could run this on is limited to 32gb ssd storage with no easy way to expand it.

Is there some way to limit the image storage use and automatically prune old images that are not user or community icons or such?

Aode (He/They)
38 hilabete

I’m not against including an ipfs layer in pict-rs, but the complexity would go way up. Federating an image between lemmy servers would require sending the ipfs uri between servers via activitypub, and then each receiving server sending that uri to pict-rs. pict-rs would then need to decide, on each server, if the ipfs-stored image matches that servers’ image requirements (max filesize, max dimensions, etc), and if it does, then that pict-rs server would request to pin the image. I don’t know exactly how ipfs pinning works, but ideally it would only be stored locally if it isn’t already stored in at least N other locations. If the remote image doesn’t match the local server’s configuration, it could either be rejected or downloaded & processed (resized etc).

Serving ipfs-stored images that aren’t replicated locally might also be slow, but I won’t know for sure unless I actually try building this out.

18 hilabete

The great thing is that deduplication would also be built-in with the IPFS layer, apart of the obvious advantages.

Cold Hotman
28 hilabete

How would federated posts look if the original server went down? Just a 404 not found on the picture and the discussion left intact?

38 hilabete

This seems to be the case right now, yes.

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