18 hilabete

You are throwing tinfoil hat slang at me. Who is the “coup clique” in your world? Or wait, I’d rather not know, I’ve got better things to do with my time.

EU having neonazi problem

That is not what I said. We’ve seen an uprise over some years, but in Germany for instance, the right wing’s growth has stopped since a few years. Also, the more say the right wingers have, the more friendly they act towards Russia.

Ukraine is neonazi

Ukraine’s president is Jewish and their Nazis are not elected to their parliament. That’s my point: You say that EU is not neonazi, but Ukraine is. And shall we have a look hat Nazi iconography display among Russia’s military? Your stuff just doesn’t fit. Unless you’ve been overtaken by the Russian standpoint that everybody is a Nazi who doesn’t agree with “Mother Russia”, even declared antifascists and anti-nazists.

Other than that, you’re drawing arbitrary lines and buzzing up thin air.

you have been also accusing me for “conspiracy theories”

I know a pattern when I see one. Attributing all evil in the world to the US is one of them.

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