• QuentinCallaghan
    21 year ago

    I have mostly played Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Fast RMX, AWOL and Splatoon 3 recently.

    What I like about Splatoon 3 is how it refines the concept of Nintendo’s own multiplayer shooter. The controls feel more responsive, the existing multiplayer modes have been given more variety and the weapon variety gives more options to one’s own approach in the battlefield. The single player mode no longer feels like an afterthought, because one now has more freedom with how many missions to tackle. If one just wants to get to the final boss, it now can be done in shorter time; if one wants to finish every mission with different weapon as a completionist, that is also possible.

    What I don’t like about Splatoon 3 is the lack of conventional voice chat; one has to use Nintendo’s own phone app for voice chat. It’s just stupid, Nintendo still has to figure things out with online.