Ok , here we go.

I like lemmy a lot.

Mastodon and all the others are too complicated with too many dam options for threads. Not to mention I hate the Twitter layout.

Like look,

I want lemmy to have more users. The lack of engagement here is just beyond sad.

I’ve seen a lot of lemmy instances with like 1 user a month. Seriously? What the fuck?

I’m entertaining a thought to create a lemmy instance, but is there even a point? Should i even bother?

I feel like the issue with these reddit alternatives, is the LACK of content and users.

What do you think?

  • @Openmastering@lemmy.ml
    61 year ago

    I think the only way is to start a community and care/animate it. Even with several hundreds of people, instances aren’t really lively. But we’re responsible for this. If we offer regularly quality content, some people will come and stick around. In 2 words: provide value.