Been dealing with some mental health issues that make me barely functional persons. That affects me. I just wondering how it effects you?

    2 years ago

    To me is understanding. Understanding that before current times depression was less common because of community. Now society have change to be more selfish and isolated. That’s why group treatments are such a success in almost any mental health and substance use treatments. So…

    • We should not do this by our self necessarily, but seek help.

    Understanding mental health for the most part is a combination of mental and physical issue. That’s why exercising “cure” depression for more than 30% of people. Food also plays a big role in mental health since we are what we eat.

    • Eat and exercise consistently & persistently.

    Understanding perspective is everything. What we belief, think and perceived is basically you fate. So access your beliefs/perspective, if you are not getting better, they are sabotaging you by maintaining the depression. That’s why most self help books focus on this.

    • Challenge your beliefs and perspectives in pursue to ones that makes you feel better, hopeful, noticing happiness again. But easier said than done so see point #1.